Price on a websiteYour website is looking great, all your products and services are clearly visible and the site is generally user and search engine friendly, but one important thing is missing- how much does it cost?

This is a very controversial issue, do you or don’t you show price or fees on your website? In this post we highlight both the benefits and disadvantages of having price on your website, this is just a guideline.

Obviously if you manage an e-commerce website with a payment gateway then you must have prices on your site. But what about the website that lists products and services without a payment gateway.

No prices on your website.

There are number of reasons why website owners decide not to show price:

a.    “What if our competitors see our prices”
b.    “Our services are not standard”
c.    “I am afraid to lose potential customers when they see my fees”
d.    “It is not done in our industry”
e.    “Our fees are negotiable”

Typically these businesses choose other avenues to inform clients about price.

Price on your website.

The above are indeed valid concerns, but on the flip side of the coin we can also argue that showing price on your website does indeed have benefits including:

a.    People want to know how much things cost, that is why they are on your website, they need information, give it to them.
b.    At some stage you will have to address the issue, so why not do it now.
c.    Your products or services are aimed at a group where service is more important than price.
d.    No prices leave you open to more enquiries.

The sales team at Vortex Chemicals refer clients to their website where products and prices are prominent.  Prices are updated and clients are referring to the website when they do place an order with the sales team.  At this stage the customer knows exactly what they need and what the cost will be, so they are prepared.

You can also see it as an opportunity to further promote your products and services. Along with your product / service price you can:

a.    Incorporate a testimonial from a satisfied client next to your price.
b.    Highlight and emphasize the value that clients get from your product or service.

To Conclude:

There are a number of “pros” and “cons” of price on a website. Business owners must do proper research before making a decision of price on their websites.

Author, Fritz Els