Creating Value

'You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build a business', Zig Ziglar.

At Masterweb we build long term relationships with our clients. We are experts at what we do, our clients are experts in their field and together we implement a practical strategy that are specific to our valuable clients.

There are a number of good web development agencies out there.  So, you may ask, why should you consider using us as your preferred web supplier?

We are confident in our value offering.

Personal Service– No automated service will ever replace human interaction, therefore we go out of our way to make sure we give you the best personal service ever.

Good communication– We don’t have a call centre and your phone call will not be reverted to a foreign country. If you have a question, email us phone us, or fax if you want. We will respond as quickly as humanly possible.

Evaluating your needs-We will visit your premises to see what your business is about and to understand the dynamics of your operation. Based on our assessment we will recommend different options that will suit your specific needs.

Support– We offer support from 9-5 during weekdays and 24/7 if it is urgent. If you have an email related problem we can also do remote support.

Free Advice– We continually study the latest trends in digital marketing. We will advise you accordingly if we feel it is applicable, on your website or social media.

Experience– We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, we know the ins and outs and the requirements of small and medium size businesses.

Fee Structure– We quote you on a flat fee instead of an hourly rate for the development of your website. The advantage is that there is no hidden cost and even if we spend days on a technical glitch we will not bill you per hour.

Industry related information and news– We will keep you informed on a monthly basis, by means of email and blog about important information that are relevant to digital marketing.


Personal Service