Digital Security

Rethink your digital security

…you should be.

If you are reading this then you should reassess the way you look at digital security. No, it is not the service provider’s problem or your “IT guy” or even the device manufacturer’s problem. It is YOUR problem.

As users of digital devices, we will seriously need to rethink the way we look at digital and online security.

What am I talking about?

There is a rise in digital security breaches. Local South African companies and individuals have lately become victims of cyber criminals.

These cyber criminals implement various techniques to cause mayhem among digital users.

What do they want?

Your money…but perhaps more importantly sensitive information. As we live in an “Information age” access to information can be seen as a new “currency”. Most of these digital security breaches (attacks) try to get information from you.

What information do they want?

The most obvious one will be to get access to your banking details. This is done by means of Phishing attacks where you may, for example, receive an email from your bank to verify your bank details. The email looks legitimate but the information that you enter will be sent to these criminals where they will attempt to access your bank account.

Another example is to obtain email passwords. Once the criminal has got access to your email password they can use your account to send out unsolicited (spam) messages to thousands of users. Your email account may be used to sell pharmaceuticals to someone in another country.

What can you do?

In short, we recommend the following:

1. Change your mindset and understand that digital security is just as important as securing your home.

2. Make use of paid security products. These products offer much more in terms of securing your devices than the normal free products.

3. Make regular off-site backups of critical data.


It is here, it is for real. The threat of digital security breaches is a reality and only you as the user of the device can act to secure yourself. If you are unsure or have technical questions, email us, contact us or get a professional to assess your digital security needs.